At Penybryn, we fully appreciate the importance of conservation. We are continuously learning and training in order to provide the most sympathetic of solutions to any conservation project. We have extensive experience with working on historical schemes such as steam engines, water wheels, wind turbines and other industrial large objects using appropriate materials, methods and machinery to both restore and maintain. Bringing a piece of history back to life!
The main team members involved with historic works have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. All the engineers and fabricators are time served and apprentice trained.

The skills that the team have include welding mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Cast Iron and Wrought Iron. The team has worked with timber both hard and soft and safety glass. The team have extensive experience of heavy fabrication with the ability to produce items with the correct finish, both structurally and aesthetically. The capabilities of the team also includes surface cleaning and finishing using in house shot blasting and painting facilities and equipment.

All team members have experience of slinging and lifting, key members of staff have undertaken slinging and signalling training for the movement of large object by cranes both on and off site. The company also employs experienced machinists that are able to produce specific components required for historic works. These include profiled panels, replacement mechanical components and fixings. All members of staff are aware of and respect the historic environment and its importance.

Examples of previous contracts
Conservation of Coal Face Equipment, Big Pit National Museum of Wales
Conservation and restoration of New Mill Waterwheel, Private Owner
Conservation and Restoration of Coal Equipment, Wrexham,
Conservation and restoration of Melingriffith Waterwheel and Pump, Whitchurch Cardiff, Cardiff Council, (Scheduled Ancient Monument)
Conservation and restoration of the Cardowan Winding Engine, Summerlee Heritage Park, Glasgow,

We are pleased to discuss any project requirements with no charge or obligations; we are able to offer ideas and examples of previous or similar projects.

If a project is to be developed we are pleased to offer a service to produce condition reports, technical drawings, option appraisals and historic investigations.

We are happy to work with consultants, contractors or archaeologists of your choice or we can project manage and subcontract any additional required services.
At Penybryn Engineering we offer a range of cleaning services; these range from cleaning by hand for objects on your site or ours to shot blasting in our custom made booth able to house objects 6 x 6 x 6 metres.

We are able to offer welding repairs to cast and wrought iron components as well as modern steels and aluminium.

Through the use of traditional and modern machinery we are able to provide replacement sections or replica components. There are a range of methods to produce replica components depending on cost and preferred method.

These include casting and associated machining where required or machining items from cast blocks using CNC technology.

Penybryn Engineering can offer a range of coatings depending on the fabric and age of the object and also the future housing conditions.

Preventative conservation can range from working with you to provide a housing solution, to minimise deterioration or providing additional protection possibly through barriers or seating arrangements.

The company has moved and installed over….. industrial objects throughout the United Kingdom organising lifting and transportation.

Penybryn Engineering have the capability and knowledge to motorise large industrial objects either by original means where available or alternative methods which can be sympathetically located not to hinder the aesthetics of the object.

Given the nature of industrial objects it is important to ensure that visitors and operators are kept safe at all times. To aid this requirement Penybryn Engineering can work with you to design and install appropriate steps and platforms also barrier systems to restrict access but not enjoyment.

Access requirements are not limited to moving machinery but also sites of interest and Scheduled Ancient Monuments both of which we are happy to discuss your requirements and various solutions.

Once your initial project is finished you may require a maintenance plan which we are happy to work with you to produce and train your staff to care for the object.
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